Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the yellow and the orange planes?

ADS-B and MLAT data that is processed in real time is shown with yellow aircraft symbols. FAA data that is processed with a 5 minute delay is shown with orange aircraft symbols. Please read How it works for information about how Flightradar24 works.

I was following an aircraft when it suddenly disappeared, why?

In most cases the reason is that the coverage from the surrounding receivers has been lost. It can also be a technical problem somewhere. Coverage at the same spot can be different depending on data source and aircraft type. Please read How it works for information about how Flightradar24 works, coverage and aircraft visibility.

Can you help me find flight xxYYY?

When watching the live map there is search field just below the Flightradar24 logo. Please use it to search for a flight number or callsign of the flight you are looking for. There could be several reasons why a flight can't be found. Either it has not taken off yet or already landed. Also not all aircraft are equipped with a correct transponder to be able to be tracked by Flightradar24, or the flight could be flying out of coverage for our 4,000 receivers. Please read How it works for information about how Flightradar24 works.

Flightradar24 and our support can't help searching for individual flights or aircraft.

Do you know why flight xxYYY is or was delayed?

Flightradar24 in some cases receive advance delay information for some flights. But we don't have any information about reason for the delay. For all questions about delays please contact the airline or airport directly. Please read How it works for information about how Flightradar24 works.

Flightradar24 and our support can't issue flight delay certificates.

Is it possible to see history of flights on

Yes, press 'Playback' in sidebar to view global flight history from the last 7 days (free version). You can also find history about individual flights and aircraft from the last 7 days (free version) in our aviation database.

Premium users can access up to 30 days of playback and flight history.

Flightradar24 and our support can't help searching for historical flights.

What is the difference between a callsign and a flight number?

There are 2 big aviation organizations - ICAO and IATA. ICAO handles aviation in general including navigation and technical issues. IATA is handling the commercial side of aviation including flight tickets. That means that in most cases a passenger airline ticket is sold with IATA standards/rules, for example DL-flight number from LHR to JFK, but the pilot is flying the aircraft with ICAO standards/rules, which means he is flying with DAL-callsign from EGLL to KJFK.

Most airlines have both a 3-letter ICAO-code (used for callsign) and 2-letter IATA-code (used for flight number). Charter airlines and business jet operators in most cases only have a 3-letter ICAO-code (used for callsign), as they are not selling any flight tickets so they don't need a flight number. Small/Private aircraft in most cases don't have an airline code and use their registration as callsign.

Most airports in the world have a 4-letter ICAO-code but only airports handling passenger traffic have a 3-letter IATA-code.

What are the blue points on the map?

The blue points marks airports with regular and daily scheduled passenger traffic in areas where Flightradar24 normally have coverage. You can click on an airport marker to get an arrival or departure board for that airport. The airport markers can be removed in settings.

Why is airport XXX not marked with a blue point?

There are many thousands of airports around the world. Showing all airports would make the map almost completely covered with points everywhere. The primary feature of the blue point is the possibility to click and show the arrival & departure. In order to keep the map clean we only plot airports with regular and daily scheduled passenger traffic where an arrival or departure board will show arriving or departing flights.

Why is there a flight missing on the departure & arrival board?

Flightradar24 combines data from several data sources including schedule and flight status databases from airlines and airports around the world. These databases includes most regular and scheduled flights but some minor airlines and charter airlines may be missing. Flightradar24 is working continuously to acquire as much route data as possible.

Why is the route information not correct?

The route is not transmitted from the aircraft. Flightradar24 is using the callsign of the flight and compare it with big databases of airline and airport schedules to find the matching flight number. With the flight number we can find out and show the route of the flight. There are many reasons why a route can be incorrect for example changed flight plans for some reason, wrong or old callsign typed in to the transponder, error in some of the schedule databases, long delay of flight which makes the schedule data match against wrong flight or some other matching problem.

Why don't you show routes for all flights?

The flight route is not transmitted from the aircraft. Flightradar24 is using the callsign of the flight and compare it with big databases of airline and airport schedules to find the matching flight number. Not all airlines are submitting their schedules or we have failed to make a match for some reason, for example due to incorrect callsign or delayed flight. Many delivery, position and charter flights are missing route as this data is often missing in the databases that Flightradar24 use. Flightradar24 is working continuously to acquire as much route data as possible.

Why did it look like the aircraft landed outside the runway? Has it crashed?

The ADS-B transponder on board the aircraft is transmitting the position from the on board flight computer, which in most modern aircraft comes from GPS data and is very accurate. On some older aircraft (for example some older A300, B737, B757, B767 and RJ100) the position is calibrated on ground before take off and after that the current position is calculated based on speed and direction of the aircraft. When flying for some time, in wind or in circles the calculation becomes worse and worse, which at landing can give position calculations that are up to 10 km incorrect.

Why does the trail of the plane have different colors?

When you click on a plane, the path that this particular plane has taken is printed on the map. The color of the trail behind the plane differs depending on the altitude the aircraft had at that position.

The numbers are in meters. If the plane is below 100 meters in altitude, the trail will be white.

Why don't you have coverage in my area?

Flightradar24 only have coverage in areas where someone has installed an ADS-B receiver and feeds his/her data into Flightradar24. If there are no connected ABS-B receivers in an area, then there is no coverage in that area.

How can I increase coverage in my area?

Coverage on is dependent of flight data from private ADS-B receivers around the world. If you want to improve coverage in your area, you have to buy an ADS-B receiver. If you already have an ADS-B receiver you can share your flight data with

Can you cover my area please?

Please read answer above.

What is the coverage area of an ADS-B receiver?

The coverage depends on many different factors. The antenna needs to be placed as high as possibly with free visibilty in all directions. Normally the coverage is about 150-250 km in all directions, but it's possible to have up to about 400 km of coverage with a good installation.

Last week had coverage in my area, but not any more. Why? is a network of receivers around the world. Some receivers are online 24/7 and others are only online from time to time. There are many reasons why a receiver is offline. There can be a technical problems with the receiver, with the antenna, with the computer or with the Internet connection. There is also a possibility that the owner of the receiver has closed down his receiver. With over 4,000 receivers connected to the network, Flightradar24 cannot tell why different receivers are offline, and when they will be back online. If you want to be sure to have coverage in your area, buy a receiver and connect it to Flightradar24 :)

Where can I buy an ADS-B recevier and how do I share it with

Please read this page to get more information ADS-B receivers, and how to share your data with Flightradar24.

I work at an airline, why are aircraft not visible on your Flightradar24?

Flightradar24 combines and processes data from several data sources including ADS-B, MLAT and FAA. If your aircraft are not showing up they are either out of coverage for Flightradar24 receivers or they have wrong type of transponder. Please read How it works for information about how Flightradar24 works, coverage and aircraft visibility.

When will all aircraft be equipped with ADS-B transponder?

There are different regulations in different areas and for different type of aircraft. Most aircraft in Europe and North America should be equipped with ADS-B by year 2020.

I found an airplane without picture. How can I add a picture? shows aircraft pictures from If you have a picture that you want to add, please become a member on and upload the picture there.

What web browser should I use to watch

Flightradar24 depends heavily on the use of JavaScript/AJAX and works best with fast web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. We especially recommend Chrome as it is the fastest browser in handling JavaScript. Internet Explorer is handling JavaScript slower and is not recommend for use with Flightradar24. There is no support for Internet Explorer 6 or 7. Neither Flash or Java is needed or used on Flightradar24.

Why do I get an error message ("The Google Maps API key used on this website was registered for a different website...") when I try to open 3D / Cockpit View in my web browser?

3D view on the web needs Google Earth or Google Earth plugin in order to work. If you are running and old version of Google Earth or Google Earth plugin, you will get an error message about incorrect API key. Please delete all your Google Earth products on the computer, restart computer, and install latest version of Google Earth or Google Earth plugin from Google Earth.

I don't remember the password to my premium account. What should I do?

Click here to reset your Premium password.

Is this legal?

Yes, the technology used to receive airplane positions is called ADS-B, where B stands for Broadcast. The signals do not have a specific recipient and can therefore be monitored and used by anyone.

Can I link to from my homepage?


Can I show the radar map on my own homepage?

Yes! Use the HTML code below to show an iframe with map on you web page. You can adjust lat, lng, zoom, width, height to your needs.

When you use the iframe code and show map on your web page, you have to write that map comes from and link to from your map page.

Do you have an API available for public use?

No there is no API available.

Where can I find more information about radar spotting?

Download this PDF guide provided by

Who produced the side views that show up for certain aircraft?

Nicholas Knapp at

I work for a media company, can I use a screenshot?

Screenshots taken from web page or Flightradar24 apps may be used for free by media, if information is shown that map is "Courtesy of". Web pages publishing screenshots must link to